RedHat6.1 Problem

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Apr 1 11:18:32 GMT 2000

[Carlos Vinueza M.]
> Hi, I was using Samba 1.9.18 in my RedHat 5.2 box, with no problem
> and with the simplest configuration that you can do with Samba I mean
> just changing the WORKGROUP to my own group, and loggining in into
> the Windows machines with an specific user created in the Linux one,
> I was very happy with that until I updated my RedHat to 6.1 which
> comes with the Samba 2.0.5 a 12, and now I´m just able to see the
> Linux machine in my network neighborhood, but when I make double
> click over it , the system tell that the newtwork is busy, and I
> can´t see anything more.  So please does anybodya have any idea of
> what´s the problem?

Do we look like Red Hat users? (: No, we have no idea what the problem
could be.  Not without at least some actual information.  Like your
smb.conf file (I personally would prefer that you grep -v all the
comments).  And the differences, if any, between your 1.9.18 smb.conf
and your 2.0.5a smb.conf.


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