Configuration woes corrected

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Apr 1 11:06:10 GMT 2000

[Henri J. Schlereth]
> Well after I tried it the ./configure on all machines ( 4 total) I
> ran a few other compiles of other programs and figured out what was
> missing. Evidently the RH62 kernel "forgets" to put a symlink from
> /usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386 --> asm.  I put that in and presto
> ./configure creates the Makefile and I am compiling 2.0.7Pre2 as we
> speak.

Long-standing flamewar, there.  /usr/src/linux/include/asm does not
exist for a freshly-unpacked kernel source tree.  It is created when
you run `make {menu,x,}config'.  And it is not there at all if you do
not have kernel source code (or at least headers) installed.  So it is
bad to rely on it being there.

This is but one of many problems with having symlinks between
/usr/include/* and /usr/src/linux/include/*, like libc5 did.  There are
some very vocal opinions on both sides of the issue of whether glibc
should or shouldn't use those symlinks.  Linus Torvalds, (at least some
of) the glibc developers, and Debian all say "no".  Red Hat says "yes".

> So this is just an informational email in case anyone else get's the
> same problem. Sigh, I guess that is what I get for getting to bloody
> close to the edge.

Yeah, I'd blame it on Red Hat.  Not specifically on RH6.2, since the
lack of symlink is just a symptom.


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