NT password prompting?/Net. nbhd?

Ashoka D. Polpitiya adpol at netra.wustl.edu
Sat Apr 1 07:54:14 GMT 2000


I am a SysAdmin new to Samba. Recently I installed Samba 2.0.5 on Solaris
and IRIX to access user homes from NT. I have two problems.

Samba seems to be working fine with M$Win98 but with NT, Network
neighbourhood doesn't show the two samba servers even though I can see
them with "net view" command and also map the shares to drive
letters. How do I make my Samba servers appear in Network neighbourhood?

Secondly, once I map a share, each time I login to NT machine it prompts
for the password to each samba server eventhough I use the same
username/passwd combo with plaintext passwds enabled in NT. I read in a
document (WinNT.txt I guess) that this is the case with NT. Is that true?
Is there a way to authenticate with plaintext passwords once from NT to
samba servers only at login?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Afterall Samba is great!

Ashoka D. Polpitiya		    
SysAdmin/Grad Student
Department of Systems Science and Math.
Washington University 

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