mount.smb (was Re: smbsh segfault)

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Sep 29 19:03:54 GMT 1999

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Keith G. Murphy wrote:

> > I just spent the last weekend working on more smbmount stuff, and I
> > have documented it ready for 2.0.6 (due soon). You can now mount smbfs
> > with ordinary mount like this:
> >      mount -t smb //fjall/data /data/foo -o username=tridge,password=foobar
> *Yes*!!!  Does this also mean we can forget about smbumount also?  Half
> the time, you'd have to clean up behind it with umount anyway...

No, it's still smbmount lurking deep in your /sbin ...
(or wherever you keep it :)

All the old bugs are still there, waiting to be fixed (except the ones
fixed for 2.0.6, of course. We'll see if there are any left :).

Linux mount knows about external programs for some filesystems and tries
to run mount.smb (which will be smbmount) when given -t smb. You still
need the smbmount magic to reconnect you to the server if the server
disconnects you.

Now, the real benefits start when you want to use autofs with the latest
samba version ... (and /etc/fstab of course, hadn't tought about that


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