guest access and printer serving

Walter Dorciak walter at
Wed Sep 29 18:02:35 GMT 1999

Telnet into the printer, hit enter couple times, type forward slash and hit
enter. You should get a page like this:

Please type [Return] two times, to initialize telnet configuration
For HELP type "?"
> >
   ===JetDirect Telnet Configuration===
        Present Config  : FRONT PANEL/TELNET
        MAC Address     : 00:60:b0:37:ae:24

        IP Address      :
        Subnet Mask     :
        Default Gateway :
        Syslog Server   :
        Idle Timeout    : 120 Seconds
        Set Cmnty Name  : Not Specified
        Host Name       : ACCOUNTING

        DHCP Config     : Disabled
        Passwd          : Disabled
        Novell          : Disabled
        DLC/LLC         : Enabled
        Ethertalk       : Disabled
        Banner page     : Enabled

Type "banner:0", that should disable banner page, then type quit. You might
need to turn local echo on, if you don't see what you are typing.


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I have a Linux box that has a HP LaserJet 5L printer connected to it
and Samba (2.0.3) providing a print service for Win95 clients
connected to the LAN. How can I make Samba NOT ask for a password
whatsoever when a Win95 client connects to the print service?

I also have a printing related problem: when I print something from a
Win95 client it comes out fine, but I always get an extra blank page.
How do I get rid of this annoying "feature"?

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