Performance problem with ACCESS MDB files

Steve Litt slitt at
Wed Sep 29 14:45:15 GMT 1999

Investigate oplocks. I bet this is related to oplocks one way or another.
I've heard of prior Access problems solved with oplocks tweaks.

You mention "In order to reduce the amount of protocols on the network and
other benefits, we've decided to replace the NOVELL server with SAMBA". I'm
very eager to learn what other Samba vs. Netware benefits you percieve. I'm
often asked about that, and I couldn't come up with anything other than
cost, which is a pretty lame way for me to sell services.


Steve Litt

At 04:01 PM 09/29/1999 +1000, Eric Rosello wrote:
>We are using few applications developed either with Visual Basic or
>Microsoft ACCESS based on MDB database files. These applications were
>previously running OK when using a NOVELL 3.12 server.
>In order to reduce the amount of protocols on the network and other
>benefits, we've decided to replace the NOVELL server with SAMBA 19.18p10
>(RH 5.2)  running on a PII-300Mhz with 96Mb of RAM.
>We have noticed that Microsoft ACCESS applications are now running
>faster if only one user is accessing the database, but as soon as
>another user starts to access the same database file across the network
>then the applications run 10 times slower and becomes nearly unusable.
>If we temporary move the database file to a WIN95 shared volume, then
>everything works fine. This should discard any network hardware problem.
>The application developed with Visual Basic aborts time to time
>reporting "Couldn't update, database read only.". This application is
>used to control the utilization of our equipment and runs normally
>24/24h and used to be OK under NOVELL.
>I've look to performance and locking parameters, and they seem OK.
>The network hardware seems healthy. The number of collisions has
>dramatically improved now we only have TCP/IP and can't see any obvious
>problem if I check the netstat statistics.
>Anybody has the same problem? Any suggestions? Any help will be very
>much appreciated because those applications MUST run 24/24h with no
>Thanks in advance.
>Eric Rosello
>Simulator Development Engineer
>Gulf Air Simulator Centre
>Po. Box 22082
>State of Qatar
>Tel: +974 351325
>FAX: +974 351240

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