Complete Web Interface?

Chris Watt cnww at
Wed Sep 29 00:29:53 GMT 1999

At 09:36 AM 9/29/99 +1000, Andrew Miklas wrote: 

>Essentially, I need a complete web interface to smbclient.  Has it been done?

Egad, what a frightening thought. . . Actually the answer to the question
"has it been done?" is (afaik) largely dependant upon how well you want it
done. You can, if you so desire, actually run smbclient and a bash prompt
through cgi, but letting remote users execute arbitrary commands through an
inherently insecure interface is perhaps not the world's best security policy.

If you want actual "file manager" capabilities then you may want to
consider something like VNC running with a somewhat customized desktop
(nothing on it except a GUI file manager) and an automounter. This will not
expand very well to large numbers of users (requiring a seperate VNC server
and set of config files per simultanious connection), but then again your
application doesn't sound like something you'd want many people doing at
once. VNC clients are not exactly using http, but they have a client which
is a Java applet and allows access from any web browser that supports it
(Netscape, IE, HotJava etc.).

If you want something more robust, secure, whatever I'm afraid I can't help
:( At least not without suggesting that you sit down and start coding (a
frontend that calls bash and smbclient for file management/access purposes
and produces html output on it's current status wouldn't be all _that_
complex to implement, but I can't recall ever having heard of anyone else
who wanted one. . .).

Who is this General Failure, and why is he reading my hard disk?

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