smbsh segfault

Steve Litt slitt at
Wed Sep 29 00:18:22 GMT 1999

Does this mean we'll now have a reliable method of mounting shares
regardless of glibc-2.1, etc? When does the 2.2.10 kernel come out? Has the
intermittent mount loss been fixed in 2.2.10? This sounds like great news.


Steve Litt

At 09:56 AM 09/29/1999 +1000, tridge at wrote:
>> Any chance we could ever see some *cooperation* between the smbfs people
>> (person?) and the Samba people?
>yes :)
>I took over as maintainer of smbfs recently, so there is definately
>some cooperation now! My problem has been lack of time to put into it.
>I spent a couple of days rewriting smbmount from scratch for the 2.0.5
>release of Samba and also fixed all the kernel bugs I knew of for the
>2.2.10 kernel. Unfortunately I forgot to document the changes in
>smbmount before the 2.0.5a release.
>I just spent the last weekend working on more smbmount stuff, and I
>have documented it ready for 2.0.6 (due soon). You can now mount smbfs
>with ordinary mount like this:
>     mount -t smb //fjall/data /data/foo -o username=tridge,password=foobar 
>You can also put smb in filesystems /etc/fstab. My next job is some
>more kernel smbfs stuff.
>> There seems to be some bitchiness, NIH syndrome, or something going
>> on.
>the big problem was that noone on the team actually used smbfs. When I
>joined Linuxcare I volunteered to take it on. I still don't use it
>much, but I do test it before releases. 
>>  The Samba FAQ even mentions smbfs as a "constant cause of
>> complaint".
>I'll fix that.
>Cheers, Tridge

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