print queue problem

wmmvdwee wmmvdwee at
Tue Sep 28 09:51:03 GMT 1999


Thanks to Bill Knox for his answer about my printing

In order to give an asnwer to your question. I'am running
SuSe Linux 6.0
which comes with yast. I have configured my printer with
yast. SMB printer,
which is connected to a win98 client. SuSe use APSFILTER to
filter the
output, and use "samba_print" file. This "samba_print" is
mentioned in

My printcommands are " lpr text.file" or "lpr -Plp
text.file". Is this correct?
or do I need to use another printcommand to print with
The lpr command works all fine for me atleast when the
printer and the
win98 clients are online. When the printer or the client are
offline, the
printcommand just disapear, so no queuing for the printjob.

Can you please give me an idea or solution, to queue the
printjobs when
the win98 and printer are offline, via samba printing.



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