Samba in heterogeneous 95/NT environment

Daniel Polombo daniel.polombo at
Mon Sep 27 14:14:54 GMT 1999


  We are considering using a samba-based architecture with Unix file/print
instead of installing NFS clients on every PC, and I have been asked to
samba and give a presentation at some point.

  So far, my main problem is, we want to use it in a heterogeneous
environment. While samba (2.0.5) does work perfectly well with NT, we have
authentication problem with 95 : the connection negotiation does not ask
for a
username/password, which means in turn that, if the win95 user hasn't first 
provided a username (using the client for M$ networks) that is valid on the
server, there's no way he can access a share.

  We have seen a number of solutions to that problem (always authenticating
user when he logs on the win95 machine, declare user= in the smb.conf), but
they are not quite perfect (the first solution may cause problem when using
the share security level, and the second won't do for a large number of
especially since two users might have the same password).

  What I would like to know is whether there is a "standard", or generally
accepted solution to this problem, or maybe a way to tweak samba to 
compensate for the weaknesses of win95.

Thanks in advance,


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