users access rights

Vlastimil Čudek VCudek at
Mon Sep 27 13:12:19 GMT 1999


 I'm running samba v2.0.5a and I have some problems with settings users access
rights to our Projects share.

We have a projects share with project directories:

 \\XX\Projects\P1 ... P5

and 6 people :     U1 ... U6
All users must have primary group "users".

I need to set permissions for each Px directory and each Ux user.
(For ex.:   U1,U2 has rwx for P1/*   U2,U3,U6 has rwx for P2/*   U1,U3 has rwx
for P4/*   but  U3 has no perm. for P1/* )

 Can anybody help me, please ? (where is more informations about it ...)

      Vlastimil Cudek

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