Slowww access from Win9x to Samba Shares

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Sep 27 11:55:07 GMT 1999

You wrote:
| Slow connections
| login isnt too bad ...  4 sec. tops
| but its at least 10 seconds or more to access Samba shared Printers
| Directories. this is a 10/100 network using Redhat 6.0

	This might just be a network card problem: check
	with ftp on the various machines to see if the problem
	is peculiar to samba, or peculiar to one machine.

	In particular, use ftp to copy **both ways** and look
	for big differences in speed.

	Modern 10/100 half-/full-duplex cards are remarkably
	picky about being set exactly the same as the hub
	they're connected to!

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