Samba can't keep NT shares mounted

Eivind Tagseth eivindt at
Fri Sep 24 16:58:53 GMT 1999

* Steve Rhodes (srhodes at [990924 18:08]:

> Theory 2.)  The failure is caused by a period of inactivity.
>   This may indeed be a piece of the puzzle, and seems to be one of the more 
> popular notions going around.  However, in the same laboratory setup 
> mentioned above, I disconnected the client machine overnight, and it was 
> still working properly upon re-connection the next day.

> Theory 4.)  The failure has something to do with the DEBUG option in the 
> source code.
>   The theory goes that the DEBUG option will work, but if it is turned off, 
> that is where the problem starts.  Something to do with attempting to write 
> out error messages.  I haven't had the opportunity
> to observe this directly, but it is an interesting theory.

I think theory 2 _and_ 4 is the one.  I always had this problem too, until
I saw <someone>'s theory about the calls to DEBUG(), and ifdef'ed all
DEBUGs out of smbmount.  smbmount closes all of it's filedescriptors at
a certain stage, and therefore all later DEBUG()s will fail.  This is
with version 2.0.0.   After removing these DEBUG()s, I have had no problems.


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