Samba and QNX

Daniel M. Hardy danh at
Fri Sep 24 15:20:40 GMT 1999

I'm having a little difficulty with Samba and the QNX OS and I could use
some help. Not only is this my first experience with Samba but it's my first
experience with QNX as well.

I'm running Samba-1.9.18p10.

My problem is like this: I can see my QNX box now on the network but I
cannot access any of the shares. I get the following error message:
"servername is not accessible."

I have performed the various tests in the DIAGNOSIS.TXT document.
Testparm returns with no errors.
I can ping successfully from both sides.
Nmblookup -B successfully returns with the correct IP addresses.
The smbd test does respond with an error as follows:
"Session Setup failed for username.."
(Bad password - name/password pair in a Tree Connect or a Session Setup are

Any help that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.. :)


Daniel Hardy
Email: danh at

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