Eric Songer esonger at
Thu Sep 23 15:21:00 GMT 1999


Kenny Cho wrote:

>I've been successful using v,1.9.18a but not 2.0.4b, I believe it's because I 
>ended up downloading the binaries that doesn't have the shadow password
>So my other question is how do I know if the smb binaries that I download has 
>that support?

	This may come across more bitter than I intend it to be.  So please take
this with a grain of salt.  I find it ironic that someone who works for Sun
Microsystems has to download binaries :-)  
	It's been awhile since I put Samba on a Sun, but for years users, who
weren't developers,  had to find other people's binaries, or go through the
hassle of bootstrap compiling gcc, or some other mess to get samba on SunOS
or Solaris machines, because Sun was trying to cheese a few extra dollars
out of us to buy their C compiler.
	Once, out of the blue, a Sun Tech Rep let me borrow a CD (made by Sun with
an installation utility and everything) he had of GNU pkgadd binaries ready
to install.  It didn't have Samba on it, but it had gcc, emacs, xview, etc.
 Who knows what's floating around in a company as big as Sun.
	It would be nice if Sun would ship at least a CD of Samba binaries, or
have a download site, or ship a C compiler with Solaris,  but then that
might compete with PC NFS.


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