Urgent: Samba, Win9x and application starting

Stephan Eichler eichler at stagetec.com
Thu Sep 23 11:39:38 GMT 1999

I have a big problem with Win9x clients and samba. Samba shares work fine
under WinNT and Win9x (browsing, file accesses, etc.). But when I try to
start an application from a mapped network drive, I get various error boxes.
Sometimes it complains about a required DLL which is not found (it doesn't
need any DLL), sometimes the application is in a wrong file-format and
sometimes the application simply crashes and I get an exception. If I copy
the application (what is just possible, if it's a simgle file or a small
application without monster installation procedures) to a local drive and
execute it, it works fine. When I start it again from the mapped network
drive it works fine too. After restarting the Win9x machine and starting the
application (from network drive) again I get the beloved error boxes.
WindowsNT has no problems neither with local drives nor with mapped network
Does anybody have a clue?

Any help appreciated!


P.S.: Please mail to eichler at stagetec.com! Thanks!

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