dates screwed up, help!

Paul Sherwin psherwin at
Wed Sep 22 14:14:14 GMT 1999

>Date:   Wed, 22 Sep 1999 11:48:40 +0100
>From:   Massimo Pinto <pinto at>
>To:     samba at
>Subject: dates screwed up, help!
>and everything looked fine. Now I have just noticed that when "touching"
>or creating files everything behaves strangely, that is the date is not
>created as it should.
This sounds like a classic example of a kernel compiled with the 'Windows
95 bugfix' support option selected (I believe the RH6.0 stock kernel has
this). This screws up smbfs datestamps on servers that are _not_ running
W95, i.e. NT or W98. The only solution I know is to rebuild your kernel
with this option deselected.

There's been ongoing correspondence about this in this list for ages. Have
a search back through the archives for more info.

Best regards, Paul

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