Cannot browse in the same workgroup!

Steve Litt slitt at
Wed Sep 22 13:54:26 GMT 1999

Start by seeing if you can browse from Linux. Do this

smbclient -NL servername

If shares show up there, you know they're browseable and you've probably
got a Windows Explorer problem.. If not, you probably have a basic smb.conf

If you see the shares with smbclient, try to force a browser election from
win9x client with this:

net view /workgroup:workgroupname

Or if it's an NT client, 

net view /domain:workgroupname

30 seconds after doing that, your Linux server might win the browser
election and you might find Explorer showing your shares.

Steve Litt

At 03:03 PM 09/22/1999 +1000, Zhou Senqiang wrote:
>   I installed Samba  2.0.3 on linux 2.2.5.  But I cannot browse this server
>from a client machine(win95). The workgroup of the client and server are
>Also I set "wins support=no   wins server=XXX.XXX.XXX.X".  How to solve
>it? Thanks.

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