Need some speed help - Linux to Win98 is slow

John LeMay jlemay at
Tue Sep 21 23:58:48 GMT 1999

After uninstalling and reinstalling network support (with no "special
stuff" added on after) on my Win98 box (the one with the printer
connected), I was getting the same 10 Kbit/s throughput on file uploads
(relative to the Linux machine) and the same great throughput on
downloads from the 98 machine.

As a really, really dirty solution, I created a print queue on the NT
box (remember, the NT box was able to perform great transfers in both
directions) which pointed to the sharepoint on the 98 box. Once I
pointed my Linux print queue to the NT share, everything prints great -
and quick, too!

One note - setting up the Samba printer (with printtool) to print to
Win98 I did not need to provide a user name. I did however need to
provide a user name when connecting to the NT share, even though I could
connect to the NT queue from the console with smbclient and not need to
provide a user id. Not sure what the difference is, but I'm going to
guess that smbclient parses the current user id somehow and uses it as a
default unless overridden by -U?

David Collier-Brown wrote:
> You wrote:
> | As you can see there was a significant improvement in the download
> | (relative to Linux) speed, however the upload speed didn't change
> much.
>         That sounds like a new FAQ to write: if the speed in
>         one direction is 1/10 of the other, immediately check
>         that the setting for speed and duplicity (;-)) on your
>         ethernet cared matches your hub.
>         This is usually a 10/100 half/full-duplex card that's
>         confused...
> --dave

John J. LeMay Jr.

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