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Ben Kosse BKosse at thecreek.com
Tue Sep 21 19:08:38 GMT 1999

There's a utility that (at least used to be) is available at
www.sysinternals.com which picks a random SID for your computer. Since
they're 64bits long, a random SID should be OK. :)

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> Seth Vidal wrote:
> > And I guess a final question.
> > Asanine as it might seem:
> > Do you or anyone on the samba list know anyway of doing 
> automatic SID
> > creation for NT client workstations so I can do a rollout of these
> > machines?
> > I never had this problem with 95/98 I only had to update 
> the netbios name.
> > but I'm not sure how to change the SID easily with NT.
> I am not sure of a free utility, but there is a commercial product
> called Ghost.  I believe Symantec bought them.  www.symantec.com
> The specific product that chnages SID's is GhostWalker.
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