ldap support

Seth Vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Sep 21 14:23:15 GMT 1999

> Begin that it is devleopment code and constatntly under 
> change, that is hard to say.  I have a version ~1 year old
> that is serving about 70 NT4s4 clients  been very solid for 
> what I needed.  However, it is possible to get a snapshot
> of the code in a buggy state like is a bad tomato from the 
> grocery store.  Test things thoroughly before going live.
> And remember this is devleopment code, so be prepared to
> work with.
What is the ETA for release of the 2.1 branch?
Also if I'm just looking for NT netlogon script support.
Do I really need the PDC branch?

And I guess a final question.
Asanine as it might seem:
Do you or anyone on the samba list know anyway of doing automatic SID
creation for NT client workstations so I can do a rollout of these
I never had this problem with 95/98 I only had to update the netbios name.
but I'm not sure how to change the SID easily with NT.

> If you decide to run the HEAD branch code in production, I 
> would recommend using a 2.0.x branch machine for file service.
> The reduces the risk of getting burned.
are there known file corruption problems?


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