Problem copying files to samba mount.

Kenny Cho Kenny.Cho at Corp.Sun.COM
Mon Sep 20 04:06:36 GMT 1999

Hi Samba Gurus,

Here's my problem.

I"m running samba 2.0.4a on solaris 7.  Any windows client can mount
their home directory OK via (\\samba_server\unix_login_name).  They can
also pull data out of their samba mounted home directories OK.  But if
the vice versa scenario happens, 2 things either happen.  I either get
an "access denied error, Make sure the disk is not write-protected or
the disk is full", or if it does copy the file over, it doesn't set it
to the right owner and permissions.  I just upgraded the samba version
from 1.9.14 and I've never had this problem.  I'm wondering if it's a
version incompatibility w/ samba and if there were any default changes
on some of the flags.  Here's my smb.conf file concerning the global and
homes shares.

   wins support = no
   wins server =
   printing = sysv
   printcap name = /etc/opt/samba/printcap-samba
   load printers = yes
   guest account = nobody
   preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = yes
   status = yes
   security = share
   read prediction = yes
   socket options = TCP_NODELAY
   share modes = no
   netbios aliases = pc-cup03 saccharine
   workgroup = green
   local master = no
   guest ok = yes
   server string = "UNIX File/Print services for CUP-03"
   interfaces =
56.21/ 129.

   comment = Home Directories
   read only = no
   create mode = 0750

Any help is very appreciated.

Kenny Cho
IR systems administrator, IT Operations
Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto

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