SAMBA + solaris 'compat'

Peter Maurice-Jones mauricpj at
Sun Sep 19 16:00:55 GMT 1999

hello - i want to use the 'compat' entry in the /etc/nsswitch.conf file
on our solaris 7 samba server to disable anyone from logging onto the
server apart from a select few.


when i do this then only the people who are authorised to log into the
server can continue to connect via SAMBA even though they are not
logging in.

can anyone explain why this is so and how to get the type of security i
want - the server is an NFS box and i dont want to give people the
chance of logging in directly.

Peter Maurice-Jones

UNIX Consultant
BP Amoco Upstream IT
(+44) 1932 768205 (100/131)

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