connect from win2k pro RC2(2128)

Gang Xing gxing at
Sat Sep 18 14:30:42 GMT 1999

Dear all,

    I install win2k pro RC2(2128) and find I can not connect to the
samba server :-(
The win2k is work as work group. I can connect to our NT-server without
But when I try to connect the machine to samba server, the system
    "Incorrect password and or unknown user"

I had modified the registry:


And the smb.conf:
  workgroup = workgroup
  server string = Samba Server
  security = share
  local master = no
  dns proxy = no
  password level = 4
  browseable = no
   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   writable = yes
   password level = 4
   create mode = 0750
   wide links = no
   hide dot files = no
   dont descend = ./etc,./usr,./var

Any suggestion?

BTW: I can not change the samba server configuration.

Thanks in advance

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