mounting win95 or nt shares

Ian MacLeod imacleod at
Fri Sep 17 01:20:09 GMT 1999

Hey guys,

Hoped maybe someone could offer a little bit of insight into something I'm
trying to do here....

I have a small network goin with shares on all my pcs.  I'm using a Free-BSD
box to share the internet with NAT.

I'd like to be able to mount (only 1 or 2) different windows/nt shares onto
my bsd box..  I'm aware this really isn't supported by Samba or anything but
I thought someone else may be doing what I want to do..

So far I've been using share-light but am not really happy with it..  It
doens't refresh dirs very well...  needs a unmount and remount sometimes
(kinda flaky i think)

Any help would be great!

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