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Francesc Guasch frankie at
Wed Sep 15 17:42:54 GMT 1999

"Nelson, John P." wrote:
> >I have a MS Exchange server. I'd like to install a samba server
> >for the users.
> >
> >Does someone know if MS Exchange can validate users in samba ?
> One of us is confused.
> MS Exchange is a mail server, nothing more.  Samba provides mail and print
> services.  I'm not sure what one has to do with the other.  MS Exchange
> doesn't "validate users":  it's just a mail server.  The NT system that the
> MS Exchange server is on might be "validating" users for MS Exchange, but
> not the other way around.
> I guess the way you stated it, your question really doesn't make any sense.
> Or at least, the answer is an unqualified "no", MS Exchange cannot validate
> users in samba.

Sorry, me no speak english good, man, 8) , what if I said :

Can MS Exchange ask for user validation to a samba server ?

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