oplock_break problem (PR#20285)

Jeremy Allison jallison at cthulhu.engr.sgi.com
Wed Sep 15 16:33:38 GMT 1999

tridge at linuxcare.com wrote:

> I know we have had that theory for a while but I'm not totally
> convinced. In particular the sniff from Giulio revealed a bad bug in
> our oplock resend handling.

Wonderful news ! I'm glad more bugs are being shaken
out of this code. It is very complicated stuff :-).

> Unfortunately that bug doesn't explain the
> main problem but it does show that despite lots of time spent on this
> code we still have significant bugs in it.

Yep. It's fiddly stuff :-). It's a shame this doesn't explain
the problem, as the resend code doesn't affect the client once
it has gone into a "ignoring break requests" state.

> What we need now is a more complete sniffer capture showing a complete
> session from initial TCP connection to the oplock break timeout. My
> pet theory at the moment is that the problem actually occurs a long
> way back in the SMB session and the timeout is a symptom of a much
> earlier problem. 

Matt has just emailed that he has a reproducible case
showing what sounds like a client redirector bug, more
info when he emails me.

> I want to analyse a session right the way through
> looking for something unusual. I've asked Giulio if he can help.

If he's got a reproducible case he has the holy grail and
we should ask him to keep polishing it for us :-) :-).



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