Looking up NetBIOS names

Jean Henchey jeannie at mitre.org
Tue Sep 14 13:55:03 GMT 1999

Take a peek in the samba distribution for findsmb (it's a perl script in
the linux distrs).  That will get you off and running.

For the name:
nmbclient -A <ip>
Look for the <00> field for the name

For more info:
smbclient -N -L <netbiosname> -I <ip> -U%

One thing to note:  if you are doing the name queries on the same system
that's running nmbd, you won't resolve any win95 names.  You have to go
to another system that's NOT running nmbd.

And, if your target system is turned off, you probably can't do the
ip->name conversion.  (I have a job cronned on a non-samba server that
captures names for just that occasion.)


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> Is it possible to ask a machine for its NetBIOS name if it's running either
> Windows or Samba?
> I tried a few various nmblookup and smbclient command lines to no avail.  I
> would like to be able to query a machine (by IP) and have it respond with
> its nb name.
> I've noted that if I perform an smbclient -L -I on a machine, it will not
> list its shares unless I get the NetBIOS name correct... which is why I'm
> looking for a way to find its name.
> TIA.
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