No luck with "UNIX password sync"

Rick Day rick at
Tue Sep 14 08:15:49 GMT 1999

"Paul L. Lussier" <plussier at> wrote:
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>Ethan Vaughn said:
>>I'm just looking for any information on this feature, has anyone out
>>there had it work? And perhaps just to add myself to the list of users
>>interested in this feature to try and drum up momentum for it.
>You need your Samba PDC and NIS master to be the same physical machine.
>Get the SAMS "TYS Samba in 24 Hours", there's a whole section on running a PDC 
>on Samba and dealing with Unix interoperability.
>Also, be sure to check the archives to this sight, this topic has been 
>discussed in the past (I know, because I asked too :) and check the docs in 
>that ship with Samba.

Can I have this clarified, please?  I have been trying to get "UNIX
password sync" working for a while, and have come to the conclusion that
it will only work if the unix box running samba is also the Domain PDC. 
Unfortunately, I am trying to fit my unix box into an existing WinNT
Domain with an existing WinNT PDC.  If anyone has managed to get it
working from this angle, I would very much like some help.

Thank you
Rick Day

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