Connecting to a Samba Share accross Routers

Bruce Jewell Bruce at
Tue Sep 14 06:28:45 GMT 1999

We currently have SAMBA installed on a HP3000 and we are able 
to see the share via Network Neighborhood on the same Network 
as the HP3000. 

Where we have a problem is trying to see the share on a remote 
network that is connected via routers and an ISDN link. To add to 
the problem the remote Network is using Netware.

>From what I have read  the SAMBA share is available in Network 
Neighborhood via NETBIOS, which is a non routable protocol. One 
solution would be to use WINS, which I am reluctant to do. Is there 
any way of seeing the SAMBA share over a Router from a Netware 
enviroment without using WINS?



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