Finding Samba services on the network from Win 9x clients

Doug Ledbetter dougl at
Mon Sep 13 14:23:06 GMT 1999

I've installed Samba version 2.0.5a on Linux kernel 2.0.36 (both smbd and
nmbd are running).  I've set the netbios name to "lion" and now I want
Windows 9x clients to connect to it like this (from START->RUN):

	net use w: \\lion\dougl ?

I get this:

"Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot be located.
Make sure you are specifying the computer name correctly, or try again later
when the remote computer is available."

Unfortunately, they can't seem to find it on the network unless I enter it
into the \windows\lmhosts file or I setup a WINS server.  I don't want to
do either.  In an attempt to get Samba to broadcast itself, I added "remote
announce =" to the config file.  Not working either.

I don't want to modify the client's Windows configuration!  Any suggestions?

I've appended my config file to the end of this message.


# Global parameters
        workgroup = LINUX
        netbios name = LION
        server string = MNU's Samba Server Version %v
        local master = No
        remote announce =
        hosts allow = 208.34.197. 10.

        comment = Home Directories
        path = /home/%S/www/
        read only = No


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