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Mon Sep 13 08:33:10 GMT 1999


Saw your note about Samba/Dave problems on the Digest list.
I had the same problem. There were two solutions:
1. Tell Samba to advertise shares as type NTFS rather than Samba - thats in
smb.conf somewhere.
2. Get a patch from the authors of Dave (Thursby) that fixes the problem. I
have the patch at home on my Mac but not here so if you want it I can send it
on. Just drop me a mail back either here or to my office (malcolm at
and I will send it on.

FYI I have had huge problems with printing using Dave and Samba. Large jobs
cause the Mac to hang indefinitely. I got no joy getting a fix from Thursby so
I now run the printers using Appletalk. Since I was forced to do that, and my
Samba servers are Linux, I have been using the Netatalk software and found it
much more reliable. Volume sharing is also much faster. 
Dave is fine with WNT servers, glitches too much for my taste with Samba.
Thursby do not seem to bothered about the Samba problems.


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