Rick Knebel rknebel at
Sun Sep 12 14:10:36 GMT 1999

I installed the new version of samba on RedHatr's update sight and now I
cannot mount my volumes on my win machine.

I use to use this set of commands that worked perfectly.
/usr/bin/smbmount //sknebel/Mac sknebel -c 'mount /home/samba/Mac'
/usr/bin/smbmount //aknebel/c ann -c 'mount /home/samba/winC'
/usr/bin/smbmount //aknebel/e ann -c 'mount /home/samba/winE'
/usr/bin/smbmount //aknebel/d ann -c 'mount /home/samba/winD'

Now it tells me unknown command ann which was my password and unknow
option -c.

I looked at the list of options and syntax when I just typed smbmount and
hit return and tried this 

 smbmount //aknebel/d mount /home/samba/winD -N

This now tells me that It couldnot resolve the mount point.

I would appreciate any help.


Rick Knebel
rknebel at

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