GUI for smbpasswd

Tom Tilmant tom at
Sat Sep 11 04:47:32 GMT 1999

Question?  I have started at this company that has a NT network.  I want to
move them over to samba on RH6.  I have already setup the shares and
imported all the names to the passwd and then moved them to the smbpasswd.
Of course they have the same password.

Problem comes in that must of the end users are on 95/98 and are remote.  As
we all know the password has to match exactly for them to long on to the
servers in order to change there passwd.  They are also sale people (no a
fence) and using telnet may be to much for them plus the fact of opening
port 23.  I have found a www passwd program to change that unix password,
but was wondering if there was a www smbpasswd program.  Or can anyone given
me an idea of how they would handle this?


Tom Tilmant

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