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Fri Sep 10 15:15:50 GMT 1999

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"Schultz, Charles E." said:

>Anyone know of a site where I can get a good set of instructions for
>installation of SAMBA on a Sun 450?

Why would installation on a Sun 450 be any different than installing it on any 
other Sun machine?  The docs that come with Samba are fantastic, and I also 
recommend the SAMS book "TYS Samba in 24 Hours" by Gerald Carter and Richard 
Sharpe ( both Samba team members) as well as John Blair's (John is also a
Samba team member) book "Integrating Unix and Windows: Samba".

I have Samba running on a Sparc 5 running 2.5.1, a 450 is nothing more than 
another Sun machine.  

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