Setup of NT4

Reimond Rombey reimond at
Fri Sep 10 08:11:46 GMT 1999


I am a Unix/Linux specialist.
Unfortunately I have to set up NT running in VMware on Linux.
I am not a NT specialist.
So I need some help to configure NT so that it will work with Samba

My system is SuSE Linux 6.2 running VMware 1.02 in bridged mode.
Within VMware is NT4SP5 running. NT runs Dreamweaver.

Actually NT can send ping to Linux and Linux to NT.
Local smbclient works perfect.
NT can´t see Samba.
The computer search function can´t find Samba by FQDN, short nor
Hosts and lmhosts have both entries for localhost, NT and Linux in FQDN
and short:       localhost linux nt

No wins, no dhcp.
Nmbd is not running.

Would someone guide me step by step to set up a proper NT?

Thank you!

Reimond Rombey, Burg 37, D-79733 Görwihl - rombey website design - Kreativtechnik

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