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Fri Sep 10 05:45:12 GMT 1999

At 10:48 PM 9/8/99 -0400, John LeMay wrote:
>I would bet you had another problem or a bad hub. Point is, this is a
>hub. What you descibe in your note would be a layer 3 switch (aka
>bridge). I see absolutely nothing on their site that describes any layer
>3 functionality (or even layer 2) that is built into this hub. A good
>indicator would be price. I know of no devices that perform L3 tasks
>that are priced below $1000 (roughly). What does the SOHO go for?
>Is it possible something was set at, for example, 10/HDX when it should
>have been 100/FDX? Could you possibly have been using the mdix
>(crossover) port when you tested IP and switched the cable to a straight
>through port when you tried 'beui?

I didn't suspect the hub either. But, it works fine with all the win95
machines pinging each other. There are no switches other than port 8, which
I wasn't using. I am sure this sells for about $100US and I am still stumped. 

I didn't buy any of this equipment. I only came in to add a Linux server
and a seperate box for a Firewall. Using the same cables and only switching
to my cheapy netgear everything works 100%. It has to be something with the
hub, what I don't have a clue. The software is the same and the cabling is
the same. Only the hub changed. 

I may try to do some more research on it later, but for now I am stumped.

Thanks for the reply
Jon Griffin
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