Date stamp problem with 2.0.x

Brian Ruth ccaabra at
Thu Sep 9 13:08:25 GMT 1999


I hope this isn't a FAQ, but...

...I seem to be having some problems with date stamps on a Samba server. We
have a Samba server running 2.0.5a on a Sun running Solaris 2.4; there are a
number of PC clients connected to this to access a shared filestore (which is
mounted via NFS on the Sun). This all seems to work very well, with the
exception that users of the Eudora mail program on the PC's complain that they
keep being told that their 'mailboxes are corrupt'. On investigation, this
error appears to occur if the table-of-contents file for the mailbox has a
datestamp older than that of the mailbox file itself. It seems, therefore,
that Samba is doing something to the datestamps which is upsetting Eudora (and
presumable anything else that worries about datestamps).

I recall seeing some messages about datestamp problems on this list, and tried
applying a patch mentioned in one posting, but that didn't help. Has anyone
else had this problem, and can anyone suggest what to do with it?



        Brian Ruth,
        Department of Anatomy,

        University College London.

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