oplock_break problem

Bruce Tenison btenison at rstc.cc.al.us
Thu Sep 9 13:01:01 GMT 1999

> >There has to be another answer to this problem.  I went from
> >samba-1.9.18p10-52.4 on RedHat 5.2 to the 2.0.x release and back
> to 1.9.18
> >because of this problem.  The *only* thing that changed was the
> version of
> >Samba.  The clients, network cards, cabling, etc., all stayed exactly the
> >same.
> I agree with you, I had this problem with samba-2.0.x and up. Never had
> with 1.9.18. No network changes.
> But JA told me,  many times... :-), that the oplock code has not changed
> from 1.9.x to 2.0.x.
Ditto.  We have also had the same problem with 2.0.x and up.  With 1.9.18
everything with oplocks seemed to work fine, but as soon as we upgraded to
the 2.0 series we started getting Oplock break resends and failures.
We've just disabled oplocks all-together. :(

btenison at rstc.cc.al.us

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