oplock_break problem

Eric Sisler esisler at westminster.lib.co.us
Wed Sep 8 18:31:30 GMT 1999

>>I have referred to the archive and some of you were having the oplock_break 
>>problem. Does anyone have any solution for this? Will reboot fix the

>>From the samba faq:
>The advisory message means that you have either a defective network card
>on one of your clients, or else an MS Windows application is refusing to
>respond to an oplock break request from another MS Windows client that
>wishes to accessan already locked file.
>So check your nic's and cabling.

There has to be another answer to this problem.  I went from
samba-1.9.18p10-52.4 on RedHat 5.2 to the 2.0.x release and back to 1.9.18
because of this problem.  The *only* thing that changed was the version of
Samba.  The clients, network cards, cabling, etc., all stayed exactly the

It's probably not very scientific, but a quick count of the number of times
"oplock" occured in the samba logfiles revealed the following for ~120

samba 2.0.3, running for 1 week = 549 times
samba 1.9.18 running for 2 weeks = 37 times

Ouch!  The only other thing I can think of is a missing service pack or
update to Windows.  (We're using Win '95 clients.)  Does anyone know if
there's an update that addresses this problem?


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