NMB Problems.

Sean Armstrong sarmstrong at swpolymers.com
Tue Sep 7 21:09:06 GMT 1999

Sorry for this newbie question, but I seem to have a problem with NMB services
on bootup.  I was able to get an [OK] on NMB services at boot up when I
did not add anything to resolv on netconf and my resolv.conf file just read 
search.  However, I was not able to connect to the internet.  When I deleted
the line search from resolv.conf and added my DNS server and nameserver address
to the resolv portion of netconf, I was able to connect to the internet but got
a [fail] for NMB services on bootup.  There is another linux box on the network
that NMB works fine on and the only difference between it's netconf and mine
are that it has a static IP adress and I use DHCP.  I don't want a static IP
address.  Is there a way around this problem with DHCP?

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