weird printing problems.

John J. LeMay Jr. jlemay at
Tue Sep 7 15:44:39 GMT 1999

This could do it. The win stations may not be able to resolve the long
share names initially. You should probably try to rename one of the
printers initially and see if it helps. I would receommend a different
naming convention - perhaps color based. Name one printer "blue" and hang
a blue sheet of contruction paper over it with the name "blue", name the
other "red" and do similar. I've used this method in large environments of
several thousand users and it works quite well!

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999 jeremy at wrote:

> I'm experiencing some weird printing problems with samba connected
> printers.  When I'll bring up a 95/98 workstation, sometimes it will say
> that the printer is offline, when it clearly isn't, or it will see
> everything fine, but it simply won't print.
> These are remote lpd connected printer to the samba server, and lpd can
> print fine.  These are JetDirect HP printers.
> Any troubleshooting tips?  I thought perhaps the spool names would have
> something to do with it.  The shares and the spools are weird names to
> help aviod user confusion.
> [Bull Pen Printer]
> [Hall Way Printer]
> Thanks
> -jeremy
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