Samba slower than FTP?

Nick Dobrovolski nickd at
Tue Sep 7 10:58:48 GMT 1999

Hello gurus,

I have samba fileserver 2.0.5a installed on Reliant UNIX 5.44 (Siemens
UNIX). All works fine but now I need to get as much speed from it as it
can provide. I have this UNIX box and an NT 4.0 Server in the same FDDI
ring. When I try to copy an 180 Mb file via FTP to local hard disk the
transfer rate is 1014,16 Kb/sec. But while copying it from the samba
share to the same location by means of explorer this speed becomes
867,26 Kb/sec. This shows me that use of ordinary ftp is 16,9 percents
faster than copy via samba share. Can you provide me with any helpful
advices on tuning samba server in order to speed the things up?


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