Eudora problems

Martin Sheppard martins at
Tue Sep 7 05:11:14 GMT 1999


I recently had problems setting up Eudora to store its data on a network
share. The problem was that while it did work, it was incredibly slow, I
would estimate about 10 times slower than it should be. I did some
experimentation and found that it worked properly if the client was
running Windows 98, but not if the client was running Windows 95. I could
also get rid of the problem by turning oplocks off. I narrowed the problem
down to oplocks on the Eudora.ini file, and so far after disabling oplocks
on this specific file thigs have behaved normally. 

Problem software:
Eudora Pro 4.1
Windows 95 B 
Samba 2.0.3
Sparc Solaris 2.6

Windows 98 (4.10.1998) did not have problems.
Adding "veto oplock files = /Eudora.ini/" to the share in question fixed
the problem.

I think that this should either be fixed (assuming it is caused by a bug
in SAMBA and hasn't already been fixed) or documented somewhere so that
other people with this problem can find the solution easily.


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