W95 speed issue

Edward Schernau ed at schernau.com
Tue Sep 7 00:32:32 GMT 1999

Hello all, I've got a W95 box connected via crossover to a 2.2.12
RH 6.0 linux box, running 2.0.3 samba.

Writes to samba from Win explorer are around 450 K/sec.
Reads from samba to Windows using Explorer are around 8 K/sec.

Using the smb version of tcpdump, I see between a .200 and .220
second lag between packets.  smbd is nowhere near the top of my
"top" list output in linux.

Is there a hack to avoid this?  What can I do to Win95 to speed
this up?  FTP from the linux machine is also slow, but NFS is
less slow (150 K/sec).  Ftp from the linux server to the same
Windows95, booted into Linux, give me 750 K/sec.

So it's W95.  Any ideas?


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