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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sun Sep 5 17:10:24 GMT 1999

A while back, Wayne Fool wrote:

> I am confused about this password issue, I have samba 2.0.5a
> running on a 486/dx2/66 as a print server for 3 computers, one is a
> win 95b and the other is a win 95 (pre b), the other is a dos
> computer (but that is another story, I'll tackle that one later). 
> My network administrator says I must use encrypted passwords so I
> have used them.  The win 95 b computer works fine, but the win 95
> (pre b) doesn't see the printserver.  I can ping from the linux
> computer to the win95 (pre b) computer and vice versa, but in
> windows 95 it doesn't show up in network neighborhod and a find
> computer "PSERV" gets me a not found.  All the computers are on the
> same domain, with the same IP and subnet.  I am guessing that the
> win 95(pre b ) computer doesn't like encrypted passwords.  Can I do
> anything about that?  Thanks. 

I'd suggest updating both machines with the M$ system updates, 
especially the win95 original version (which will become win95a after 
you apply the first update).  There are updates for networking 
components, security holes, etc.  See:

Also, what is your win95 NetBIOS naming convention?  Are you using 
the username map file?  What is your samba guest account set to?  Did 
you create the smbpasswd file, and are there valid M$ passwords in it?

You should read the browsing.txt, encryption.txt and domain.txt (and 
others) and go through the test steps in diagnosis.txt, and then post 


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