Samba 2 running in NT box: almost there !!

MoMa siae0071 at
Fri Sep 3 17:57:15 GMT 1999


I have been able to port Samba 2 to an NT box with this setup:
NT 4.0, cygwin Beta 20.1, gcc of this version of cygwin

Well, almost.There is a probleml with the select (cygwin) call in the
samba function sys_select. This select returns inmediately, with
errno=EBADF. This seems akward to me at this point of the server
process, it must be an indicator of a prior error. But the socket opens
correctly some source lines before, and is ready to listen (errno=0).

This prevents the smbd in NT from serving (does not detect the
connection from the client) and the smbclient in NT from receiving the
results of the commands it sends (it connects to a Linux box Samba,
sends commands but does not receive the returning packages).

If we overcome this, Samba will work on NT. I have done a research on
the legal/license implications of this, and look very interesting:
 * The legal limit of 10 connections to an NT workstation dissapear =>
NT server value for NT workstation price, legal.
 * No need for CAL (client access license) to connect to an NT box =>
legal non Win clients, and the NT Terminal server client implications
seem interesting too.

Can someone help withthe select problem?


Ivan & Ray

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