Samba , dhcp, wins on Solaris 2.x

Chris Douty Chris_Douty at
Thu Sep 2 21:17:42 GMT 1999

> I have a samba server running on solaris 2.5.1. On the same  
machine there is
> a  ISC dhcpd server which is configured to supply all the tcp/ip  
> to the NT Clients dynamically (ip, wins, domainname, dns, router etc.). 
> So my NT Clients get only a name and are configured to get their  
> information from the dhcpd server.
> Now, everything runs fine browsing, NetBios name -> ip (wins,  
nbns) from my
> clients.
> But how is the hostname -> ip resolving on the solaris machine done ? 
> As all the ip's to my NT clients are supplied dynamically i can't  
ping by
> name from my solaris server to a NT client.
> Can this (wins) be configured in the nsswitch.conf ?
> I this possible at all ?

Ha!  Another NeXT user!

Solaris has no knowledge of WINS.  There may be some linux projects  
to add WINS resolving to their name system.

Is the relationship between IP address and FQDN(hostname) constant?   
If it is then all you need to do is put that information in your dns  
server.  All that dhcp is doing there is supplying that information  
to a PC, basically making the IP address to MAC address link.

Unfortunately it sounds like your PCs have constant names and  
varying IP addresses.  The only solution I know of there is Dynamic  
DNS.  I believe that the latest versions of dhcpd and bind can talk  
to each other using DDNS.  That way, every time a lease is granted  
the incore DNS database is also updated.  Client result caching of  
DNS queries presents a problem, so you probably need to set TTL  
pretty low for any dynamic zones.

Perhaps I am speaking from ignorance here and someone hasa much  
better solution or knows the flaws in mine...


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