Possible group id bug on Tru64?

Naccarato, Robert naccarar at bis.adp.com
Thu Sep 2 16:15:59 GMT 1999

On my Tru64 4.0F machine I've installed 2.0.5a.  I added a number of users
en masse and added them all to a certain group.  It seems that Tru64 likes
to put a limit on the number of users per group definition by making
multiple group entries in /etc/group, at least when creating accounts with
adduser.  For example:


To Samba, those users who appear in the second line do not belong to the
group.  Users in this second line cannot connect to certain shares because
of group permissions (valid users = @group).

I edited /etc/group by hand and simply put the two group entries into one
and now life is fine.

Is this a problem with Samba?

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