Network path not found....

jlyda at jlyda at
Wed Sep 1 15:12:37 GMT 1999

		I am a newbie to samba and everything it has to offer. I
have recently compiled 2.05a on my solaris 2.6 unix server. Installation
went great, no problem. I can see my samba server in my network neighborhood
on my PC's (NT4...srv pack5), but can not connect. I continuously receive
the error "Network path not found".  I have compiled samba on a linux box as
well...and that works fine. My smb.conf file is straight forward.....all I
have included is....

		workgroup = Workgroup
		os level = make it the master browser
		local master = yes

			guest ok = no
			read only = no

		If anyone has any clue to help me get up and running, I
would greatly appreciate it...thanks in advance.

		James Lyda
		Digital Technical Administrator
		Loves Park, IL
		(815) 633-3881 ext.318
		jlyda at

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